Supercharge Your Festival With SOMA


SOMA Awakening is a multisensory meditation experience that can awaken dormant parts of your brain, improve circulation, promote healing, transmute sexual life force energy and help to manifest your intentions by raising your emotional state, taking your meditation practice to the next level.

This incredible meditation experience has been featured in festivals all over the world including:

  • Envision Festival
  • Boomtown Festival
  • Mindvalley Afest
  • Mindvalley U
  • DNX Festival
  • Wilderness Festival UK
  • Angsbacka Tantra Festival

Popular SOMA Breath Sessions For Festivals

Breathe In Light

In this session, participants will be guided through a SOMA Awakening Breathwork Session while watching psychedelic visuals being projected onto a big screen. The combination of doing SOMA breathwork to this specially crafted music and focusing on the visual display gives people a euphoric feeling similar to those described by people using psychedelic plant medicines. 

This session is a favorite among SOMA Breath participants usually leaving people completely blown away by what they have just experienced.

Soma Breath & Ecstatic Dance

This 2-3 hour session begins with an Awakening Breathwork Ceremony. After a few rounds of this energizing breathwork, participants are guided to begin moving their bodies and slowly flow into an ecstatic dance journey.Your breath can literally create an energy inside you that is so radiant and powerful, you can produce ecstatic states of magnetism to bend reality, create strength, happiness, download visions, and even heal parts of your body through the power of intermittent hypoxia. Dance all of this power and love into every cell of your body as we dance and move together with our hearts open connecting to our self and one another. .

Cacao Awakening Ceremony

This 2-3 hour ceremony is our most popular and really gets the energy flowing in a festival setting. This ceremony begins with a heart opening meditation where participants are asked to invite in what it is that they truly want in their lives. Once the meditation is complete, everyone drinks the ceremonial cacao together creating a rush of endorphins through the body and the Awakening Session begins. 

The Awakening is a multisensory meditation journey combining specially crafted brainwave etrainment music, breathwork and visualization techniques. Participants regularly describe moments of pure bliss, connection to source,  profound spiritual experiences, psychedelic visions and emotional releases.  You can awaken dormant parts of your brain, have feelings of joy, ecstasy, and connection with your higher self helping you to truly manifest what you want and live your life to the fullest!

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