Core Instructor Trainings


SOMA Breath Instructor

This introductory training will give you the tools you need to lead your own SOMA Breath meditations. Learn the SOMA Breath formula which consists of dance, chants and energized meditation.

  • Online Training (19 hours)
  • SOMA Breath License
  • Access to BIG


SOMA Journey Instructor

Guide your students through a longer and more in depth SOMA Journeys and ceremonies. You will Learn special intention setting techniques, guided meditations and visualizations to guide people into peak states of consciousness.

  • Online Training (16 hours)
  • SOMA Journey License
  • Requires BIG membership

Advanced Specializations


Advanced Somatic Imprinting

Learn more advanced somatic imprinting techniques to offer a wider range of sessions. This includes trainings on sex transmutation, occult ritual magic, sauna & ice plunge exercises, darkness training, aquasoma, somatic release exercises and more.

  • Online Training (20 hours)
  • SOMA Imprints License
  • Requires BIG membership

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