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SOMA Awakening Breathwork Journey

SOMA Awakening Breathwork Journey – A 1.5 hr multi-sensory meditation with specially produced music to awaken you to your full human potential. This is not like other Breathwork you have experienced. SOMA is a combination of pranayama techniues combined into a 1.5hr session for a deep inward journey to who you truly are! This combination of pranayama balances your nervous systems creating energy and stability. You then enter into breath retention phases that simulate high altitude training make your entire body more efficient and increases your mood!

Join us for an unforgettable experience of Breath and Transformation. In this session you will enter into a powerful intention setting practice that will help create unstoppable momentum, motivation and drive to reaching your first milestone towards reaching your goals. You will raise your vibration to states of love and gratitude setting the space for magic to happen in you and around you. SOMA Breath uses ancient breathing techniques that are scientifically proven to optimize your physical and mental health. With specifically produced music by SOMA you will surely be taken on an Awakening Journey. This evening will be an increased and extended session. Expect to get ecstatic!!!.

Steven Whitney

Organizer of SOMA Awakening Breathwork Journey

Steven Whitney is one of SOMA Breath’s Master Instructors and one of the most experienced facilitators and coaches. Steven teaches students how to use their breath to tap into their true potential, relax their mind, release limiting beliefs and how to optimize your physical and mental health so you can start  living your best life. He spent the last 2 years training in Thailand and has been featured at 8 festivals around the world reaching thousands of people. Steven teaches a huge variety of single sessions using SOMA Breathwork and also a 3 week SOMA Breath Awakening Course. He has taught more than 300 students in this course to step into their light and become the ultimate creator of their reality.

When Steven found himself in a deep state of depression, it was returning to his breath that awakened Steven to his soul’s purpose: empowering others to unlock their true potential.

Steven believes that each person has everything they need to achieve anything in life inside them already – he merely helps people to unlock it for themselves.

Steven wants to empower people to find their souls purpose and mission through using SOMA Breathwork and inspire them to take action in going after it. He believes that if you



Sep 13 2019


6:00 pm - 7:30 pm



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