SOMA Breath Mentorship Program

Accelerate Your Learning Through Our Breathwork Instructor Training Course By Allowing One Of Our Master Instructors Guide You Through Level 1 & 2, Giving You More Insight Into Adapting SOMA To Your Own Unique Style.

Get Coached By A
SOMA Master Instructor

Level 1 and Level 2 SOMA Breath Instructor Training have been designed as an online,self-learning course with assessments and live group calls. This gives you the flexibility to learn from anywhere, at any time.

However, we recognize that there are many people who seek extra guidance. Some are not able to attend the live group calls due to timing or schedule restrictions, but would still really like to have someone answer their specific questions. While others simply want additional
guidance to dive deeper into the concepts, and complete the training with more confidence.

For this reason, we’ve created a mentorship program as a value add-on you can opt for.

With the mentorship program, you’ll get 4 private, live coaching calls with a personal Master Instructor. This mentorship program is designed to:

    1. 1. Get you through Level 1 and Level 2 SOMA Breath Instructor Training faster. (within 30 to 60 days)
    1. 2. Help you to deepen your knowledge and develop your own unique style, so you can be running your own sessions confidently within a few weeks.
    1. 3. Provide you with an opportunity to present a SOMA Awakening Session in front of a live, online audience as our final test.

With a personal mentor to guide you through your Level 1 and Level 2 SOMA Breath Instructor Training, you could be hosting SOMA training sessions and making an income in as little as 30 days!

Meet The Mentors

Carla Aspesberger

Carla has tremendous experience as a facilitator of several modalities including SOMA Breath, yoga, reiki and many others. As a result she has found interesting ways to combine SOMA with other modalities that she teaches giving her sessions a unique twist. Carla has also guided many students through the SOMA Breath 21 Day Journey, has co-facilitated at several instructor training retreats, created her own online course and runs regular sessions in Amsterdam.

Steven Whitney

Steven is a highly passionate SOMA Breath Master Instructor who has been guiding sessions for over 2 years. In this time Steven has guided over 1000 students through our 21 Day Awakening Journey, has guided SOMA at major festivals like Envision, created his own online course and co-facilitated several Breathwork Instructor Training Retreats.

Greg Mannion

Coming from an acting background, Greg is well known for crafting creative stories in his sessions taking his students deep into self discovery. Since Greg has become a SOMA Instructor he has guided sessions all over the world collaborating with other instructors, wellness centers, festivals and retreats. His electrifying energy is contagious and has been an integral part of several Instructor Training retreats.

Benefits Of The Mentorship Program

Here are some benefits:

  • One on One Guidance.
  • Fast Track levels 1 and 2.
  • See how being a SOMA Instructor can be turned into a career.
  • Work Directly with one of SOMA’s Top Master Instructors.
  • Confidence to Start Hosting Workshops Immediately.
  • Access to a Coach to answer questions on science and technique.
  • Learn to work with the music and guide online sessions.
  • Learn to mix music and design your own SOMA Awakening Breathwork Sessions.
  • Learn how to customize your own unique style SOMA Session.

How Is The Mentorship Program Structured

In the mentorship program, you will be given additional tools that are not available in the self-study course. Your mentor will provide you with a worksheet broken down into 4 phases, meaning you have to complete all of the exercises in each phase in order to get on a call with an instructor to move onto the next phase. Here is what a typical journey through the mentorship program looks like:

Phase 1:
Approx 1 week
30 Min Intro Call to Get Clear On What You Want Going Through
Level 1 and 2 1 hr virtual call with Coach upon completion of phase one exercises to ask questions and to begin designing your own Energize Meditation Routine.
Phase 2:

Approx 7 to 10 days
1 hr virtual call upon completion of phase two exercises to get confident introducing the routine and to present full SOMA Energize Meditation to Coach.

Phase 3:

Approx 10 days
1 Hr Virtual Call To Start Designing Your Own Intention Setting Meditation

Phase 4:

Approx 7 days
1 Hr Virtual Call To Begin Building Your Next Level SOMA Awakening Session (Tune in to your own unique style) (Learn how to use the Affiliate Program)

Wrap Up Call:

1 Hr Virtual Call To Present Your Unique SOMA Awakening Session. With the opportunity to teach for The Entire SOMA Community! Now you are really ready to guide amazing SOMA Sessions for the WORLD!!

What You Get With The Mentorship Package

The Mentorship Package


  • Access To Level 1 & 2 Instructor Training (valued at $1699)
  • 4 X 1 Hour Calls With A Master Instructor
  • A Detailed Guide & Workbook To Get Through The Training With Ease
  • Bi-Weekly Group Calls To Practice Teaching SOMA
  • Extensive Online Training Material Teaching You Science Of Breathwork, Brain Stimulation Through Music & Much More
  • Licence To Guide SOMA EM Classes & Awakening Journeys (upon graduation of the course)
  • Qualified To Join SOMA Advanced Trainings
  • Special Discounts At Our Live Events & Retreats

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