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Unleash your peak performance by leveraging the most accessible holistic health tool on the planet: Your Breath


We believe it is everyone’s birthright to achieve holistic health and happiness. We also believe you shouldn’t have
to struggle alone to achieve it.

That’s why we’ve built SOMA Breath® as an online global school that allows you to take charge of your physical, mental,
emotional, and spiritual health with the support of like-minded experts and peers.

When you’re part of this dynamic and fun community, you’ll be fully supported in your holistic health evolution as you
discover the transformative impact of ancient Pranayama techniques proven by modern science combined with meditation,
music, dance, neurosomatics, holistic health coaching, and more.

Experience an easy and effective way to achieve optimal health and deep fulfilment with the support of a global community.

Experience the SOMA Breath® movement.

Become Happier, Healthier
& More Inspired

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Breathwork, uplifting music, and visualization are powerful and beneficial modalities on their own, but when you start blending and combining them in your daily meditation or spiritual practice, the magic starts happening.

Experience for yourself how SOMA Breath® combines all these modalities into a fun and dynamic 40-minute online transformative experience that you can join from anywhere!


Get Deeper, Targeted Results

Find a class with a SOMA Breath® Instructor or SOMA Breath® Master Instructor
to deeply target your specific issues and accelerate results.

Virtual Classes

Access on-demand or livestreamed SOMA classes from instructors around the world.

SOMA BreathFit Challenge

Unlock Peak Performance & Create Unstoppable Energy.

21 Day Awakening Protocol

Supercharge Your Mind, Body & Spirit And Call In Your True Life's Purpose.

SOMA Breath's 'Secret Sauce'

What is it that makes SOMA Breath so unique and effective?

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Breathe in Beats

Rhythmic breathing is the foundation of SOMA Breath, and ‘breathing in beats’ with rhythmic music is what makes our techniques so unique and effective.

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Groundbreaking Music Technology

Using special SOMA Breath Entrainment music technology, invented by Niraj Naik, a pioneer of therapeutic music technology, you can entrain your breathing to be smooth and rhythmic throughout your day, helping to give you better health and wellbeing.

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Makes Meditation Easier + More Fun

Our proprietary musical method, tested in scientific studies, allows you to meditate easier and go even deeper into transformative states in a much faster time.

If you find meditating difficult or if you want deeper results in a faster time, then this is the perfect method for you.

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Unlock Your Inner Pharmacy

You can use specific breath patterns for turning off stress, deep sleep, and more energy.

Soma Breath techniques powered by our cutting-edge music technology are the key to unlocking your inner pharmacy.

What the SOMA Breath® tribe is saying


Design a fulfilling career that’s 100% authentically you!

Join our global tribe of instructors who absolutely love waking up every day with the freedom to call the shots on how they want to work and the fulfillment of using their gifts to create a life-transforming impact for others.

Learn more about the different pathways of becoming a SOMA Breath® Instructor or a SOMA Breath® Master Instructor, and start designing your dream life of freedom, impact, and fulfillment today.


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