Online SOMA Fest

FREE Online SOMA Breath Fest 2.0

Experience Various SOMA Breath Workshops From World Class Instructors Around The Globe In This FREE 3-Day Breath Fest. Register Below And Get Ready For A Unique Transformative Experience

Sept 25 to 27, 2020

In The SOMA Breath Fest (Valued At $299) You Will Experience:

  • Two Energized Meditation Sessions - Move, Chant and Breathe To Raise Your Energy & Feel Better Than Ever
  • SOMA Awakening Journey - Combine Intention Setting With Breathwork To Supercharge What You Wish To Call In
  • Therapeutic Breathwork Sessions - Learn How To Influence Your Mind & Body With Simple Breathing Techniques
  • Daily Lectures Where You Will Learn The Science Of How These Methods Work
  • Connection With An Incredible Growing Community Of Personal Growth Enthusiasts Like You

SOMA Breath also offers breathwork teacher training to instructors and aspiring facilitators, allowing for enhanced skills to help their clients achieve mental, physical, spiritual and emotional well-being.

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