FREE Online SOMA Breath Fest 2.0

Experience Various SOMA Breath Workshops From World Class Instructors Around The Globe In This FREE 3-Day Breath Fest. Register Below And Get Ready For A Unique Transformative Experience

Sept 25 to 27, 2020

In The SOMA Breath Fest (Valued At $299) You Will Experience:

  • Two Energized Meditation Sessions - Move, Chant and Breathe To Raise Your Energy & Feel Better Than Ever
  • SOMA Awakening Journey - Combine Intention Setting With Breathwork To Supercharge What You Wish To Call In
  • Therapeutic Breathwork Sessions - Learn How To Influence Your Mind & Body With Simple Breathing Techniques
  • Daily Lectures Where You Will Learn The Science Of How These Methods Work
  • Connection With An Incredible Growing Community Of Personal Growth Enthusiasts Like You

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