Step 1: Upgrade Your Mind

  1. Make sure you have a good nights sleep (5-8hrs)
  2. When you wake up drink 2 glasses of water to rehydrate.
  3. Don't eat breakfast for at least 1 hour after you wake up. If you want to learn about the benefits of intermittent fasting, click here.

Within the first step in my plan for losing weight and getting into great shape is a simple tool that I created with my good friend and world renowned hypnotherapist John Vincent.

Its a powerful Trypnosis audio session designed to help you get the deepest sleep ever, so you wake up to peak mental performance, feeling refreshed and super-charged with new healthy habits.

Mind Restore Instructions

  • Turn on Mind Restore around 30 mins to 1 hr before you want to go to sleep tonight.
  • You do not need headphones, however they will enhance the experience.
  • Trypnosis is designed to work while you sleep as your unconscious mind never sleeps and is still receptive to hypnosis.
  • Listen to this at least 5 times within the next 14 days at bedtime

Mind Restore is a great tool that has helped thousands of people transform their lives since it has been released.

If you want to learn more simple peak performance hacks using Trypnosis, check out my Peak Performance System here