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“The breathwork modality I do is Soma Breath®. Its really cool as they incorporate incredible music into it. It's the best alternative to the impact you can get from plant medicines today, but safer and more effective.”

Vishen Lakhiani

Vishen Lakhiani CEO of Mindvalley


“We chose to collaborate with Soma due to its very clear and systematic approach, and the effectiveness of the method as per clear reports from those participating and the researchers coordinating the study.”

Dr. Tristan Bekinschtein

Dr Tristan Bekinschtein Cambridge University


“Soma Breath® is the gold standard for breathwork, I recommend this to all my RTT therapists”

Marisa Peer

Marisa Peer Therapist


“I can personally say that regularly practicing SOMA breathing techniques has dramatically increased my physical health, mental, and emotional wellbeing, spiritual connection, and because I’ve been able to incorporate my boys and Jessa into many of my SOMA sessions, even my relationship with my family.”

Ben Greenfield

Ben Greenfield Health Consultant and New York Times Bestselling Author

SOMA Breath®

Where Ancient Wisdom Meets Modern Science

SOMA Breath® - Unleash Your Full Human Potential

Unleash Your Full Human Potential

Ancient yogic breathwork techniques combined with contemporary science and cutting-edge brainwave music technology help you unlock your full potential. Experience the transformative power of rhythmic breathwork meditation with SOMA Breath®.

SOMA Breath® - Tap Into Altered States of Consciousness

Tap Into Altered States of Consciousness

SOMA Breath® participants have reported higher levels of mystical experience than with psilocybin and MDMA. Experience expanded states of awareness, flashes of insights and creativity with a breathwork practice that you will want to do every day.

SOMA Breath® - Improve Health Wellness and Longevity

Improve Health, Wellness & Longevity

SOMA Breath® stimulates your body to produce more red blood cells and release more erythropoietin - a hormone that triggers the production of new oxygen-carrying red blood cells. Boost your health and achieve peak performance with SOMA Breath®.

SOMA Breath® - Reduce Stress and Anxiety and Improve Sleep

Reduce Stress/Anxiety & Improve Sleep

The rhythmic breathing and transformative 3D music technology, along with visualization techniques used in SOMA Breathwork can help rapidly calm the mind, reduce feelings of stress, anxiety and depression and improve the quality of sleep.

Leverage Our Pharmacy of Breathwork Techniques

Leverage Our Pharmacy of Breathwork Techniques

At SOMA Breath®, we offer a wide range of powerful breathwork techniques that are backed by real science. Our practices vary from 20-40 minutes of daily sessions for health, vitality and fitness, to 1-2 hours of breathwork for deep spiritual transformation, trauma and emotional release.

Become a Member of a Global Community

Become a Member of a Global Community

We believe it is everyone’s birthright to achieve holistic health and happiness. We also believe you shouldn’t have to struggle alone to achieve it. When you’re part of the dynamic and fun SOMA Breath® community, you’ll be fully supported in your holistic health evolution.

What Makes SOMA Breath® the #1 Choice for Over One Million Breathwork Fans Worldwide


Accredited Breathwork School

Soma Breath® is accredited by leading accreditation institutions:
“Accredited Counselors, Coaches, Psychotherapists and Hypnotherapists ACCPH"
“Continuing Professional Development CPD Accreditation”
Soma Breath® is trusted by the following leading wellness brands including: Mindvalley, Gaia, Shift, Well Good, Yoga Magazine, Zumba, Microsoft, OM Yoga, Health Radio and many other leading wellness brands.

Selected by Cambridge University

SOMA Breath® is a complete holistic system - currently studied by Cambridge University for it's array of demonstrated health benefits - which uniquely combines ancient pranayamic breathwork techniques with modern music technology to deliver a cutting edge, step by step formula that anyone can learn.

Rooted in Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science

Unlike other breathwork modalities, SOMA Breath® specifically focuses on Pranayama breathing techniques with scientific evidence backing up their claims. These techniques are combined with brainwave music technology and guided imagery (Self-Hypnosis, NLP) to deliver exciting and easy-to-follow healing experiences.

Healing Trauma Doesn't Have To Be Traumatic

Breathwork is well recognised for its ability to facilitate the healing of emotional trauma, however certain styles that rely on heavy and deep mouth breathing can trigger re-traumatisation. With SOMA Breath we use proprietary techniques that achieve the same results but in a more blissful and soothing way, rather than painful catharsis.

Breathe in Beats

Rhythmic breathing is the foundation of SOMA Breath®, and ‘breathing in beats’ with rhythmic music is what makes our techniques so unique and effective.

Groundbreaking Music Technology

Using special SOMA Breath® Entrainment music technology, invented by pioneers in therapeutic music medicine, you can entrain your breathing to be smooth and rhythmic throughout your day, helping to give you better health and wellbeing.

Meditation Easier + More Fun

Our proprietary breathwork and musical techniques, tested in scientific studies, allow you to meditate easier and go even deeper into transformative states in a much faster time.

If you find meditating difficult or if you want deeper results in a faster time, then this is the perfect method for you.

Unlock Your Inner Pharmacy

You can use specific SOMA Breath® patterns for turning off stress, improving deep sleep, and elevating your energy.

Soma Breath® techniques powered by our cutting-edge music technology are the key to unlocking your inner pharmacy. Experience the power of Soma Breath® for Free!

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FREE SOMA Breath® Masterclass

Supercharge Your Immunity, Self-Healing, Happiness, Manifestations & All Aspects of Your Life

Ancient breathwork techniques, groundbreaking music, and cutting-edge visualizations are powerful and beneficial modalities on their own, but when you start blending and combining them in your daily meditation or spiritual practice, the magic starts happening quickly.

Experience for yourself how SOMA Breath® combines all these modalities into a fun and dynamic 40-minute online transformative experience that you can join for FREE from anywhere!

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SOMA Breath® is currently being studied by Cambridge University.

"We chose to collaborate with Soma Breath® due to its very clear and systematic approach, and the effectiveness of the method as per clear report from those participating and the researchers coordinating the study."


Recurring Online Events:

Every Sunday, the SOMA Breath community gets together to breathe and meditate in unison. This creates a powerful force that affects every single participant, making the benefits of Breathwork & Music Meditation more effective. Learn More 

Power Hour is a session where we discuss different topics, techniques, practical tips, and motivational insights to help you elevate all areas of your life. Learn More

AMA is your chance to ask Niraj directly any question you may have regarding health, Breathwork, meditation, spirituality or building a successful coaching business. Learn More

What People Are Saying About Their SOMA Breath® Experience

"I felt so alive in my body.. The grief transformed into this amazing joy..."

"I had a sense of connection with spirit and feel it can be even deeper with more practice"

"I was filled with an overwhelming sense of peace, connection & spirit..."

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“We turn wellbeing practices like meditation from a ‘I have to’ to a ‘I want to’ practice.”

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“We have made an epic community of 'spiritual rockstar's and amazing people on a mission to push humanity forward”

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“We train individuals, coaches, instructors and therapists to become "transformational artists" capable of delivering exceptional wellness experiences that captivate their clients while addressing the underlying causes of their problems.”

Niraj Naik, Soma Breath Founder
Niraj Naik,
Soma Breath Transform

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