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Awaken your clients to their full human potential with this sequence of therapeutic breathwork techniques combined with brainwave entrainment music, movement and guided meditation.

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Learn the science of breath, music and meditation as a therapeutic tool to awaken your clients full human potential


The Process

Learn the step by step process of SOMA Energized Meditation and how to use this to build a professional career with SOMA Breath Therapy



Join our fast growing community of breathworkers around the world. Interact with other instructors and find potential clients in your area.



Receive your license to guide your clients through SOMA Breath workshops and enroll into our abundance program.

Are You Ready To Become A SOMA Breath Master?

Learn Everything You Need To Start Your Career With SOMA Breath

Get trained and certified in the top transformational modalities; breathwork, breath therapy, neurosomatics, traditional yoga, meditation, music therapy and holistic health coaching in an all in one step by step program from the premier wellness and transformational school - SOMA Breath.

We believe in order to be a truly successful health or wellness coach you need all round training in all of these areas that contribute to a long, healthy and happy life: 

  • We train you in the essential areas required to become a successful health and wellness coach, from the most effective scientifically proven transformational wellness techniques to actionable marketing strategies to get clients and grow your business.
  • We provide ongoing support and mentoring to make sure you realize your dream of becoming a successful transformational wellness coach with many happy clients.
  • Our method is based on the traditional yogic system combined with a modern scientific understanding.
  • Our philosophy is based on the ancient wisdom that there is no ‘one size fits all method’ for optimum wellness. You will be trained on how to identify, pick and choose certain techniques based on your clients unique characteristics to create a customized lifestyle plan.
  • You will be able to teach your clients valuable skills for creating a perfect daily routine as well as powerful transformational techniques to release unresolved emotions and limiting beliefs that hold them back from achieving their life goals.

Including Therapeutic Breathwork

5 core breathwork techniques that awaken your inner pharmacy



How to turn off stress, lower heart rate & blood pressure, decrease pain and tap into your autonomic nervous system



How to raise core body temperature, heart rate and produce a controlled stress response to ward off illness and inflammatory diseases.



Benefits of intermittent hypoxia for more stamina, better circulation, anti-aging, longevity and peak performance.



How to drink air to purify digestive system, suppress hunger, eliminate bad bacteria and promote growth of good bacteria.



How to clear toxins from your gut, remove nasal and sinus congestion and purify your blood.

The SOMA Breath Instructor Pathway

Whether you want to just deepen your knowledge of breathwork, earn a side income as a breathwork instructor or develop a full time career in Breath Therapy & Holistic Health Coaching, we have made it easy for you...

The best part is you can earn while you learn!!

Level 1:

Become a SOMA Breath Foundations Instructor


Lead fun, yet powerful and transformative Energized Meditation group workshops with confidence.

Be able to inspire people to experience breathwork by teaching science, philosophy and background to Soma Breath’s core techniques.

Become a trusted advisor and Soma Breath ambassador and earn an extra income by recommending our various products to your clients.

Level 2:

Become a SOMA Breath Advanced Instructor


Learn about circuits of consciousness, reality tunnels, psychotherapy and the inner workings of the subconscious mind

Discover how your thought patterns can be influenced by your breath

Guide your students through profound customized SOMA Breath Journeys using advanced visualization techniques combined with several rounds of breathwork

Levels 3:

      Become A SOMA Breath Transformational Coach

transformational-coach (2)

Understand how other areas of health coaching such as yoga, music therapy and nutrition can be combined with breathwork to create a true holistic approach to wellness

Discover how to work with your clients one-on-one to create a custom solution for their specific needs using the tools learned above

Learn how all the techniques and knowledge from previous steps can be combined to create a fun and transformational journey

Be able to facilitate our proven flagship 21 Day Awakening Journey and create life-transforming results for your clients

Final Level:

Become a SOMA Breath Master

breath-master (2)

Step into your best self and become a Master Instructor by teaching what you have learned and submitting your clients' testimonials

Learn closely from other SOMA Breath Master Instructors to adapt and improve your skills 

Upon completion and submission of all requirements to become a SOMA Breath Master Instructor you will have gained the skills to impact your clients' lives at a level that is rare within this industry

Study shows SOMA Breath techniques could be as effective as psychedelics in treating anxiety and depression

In this new study by leading neuroscientist and founder of NeuroMeditation Institute, Dr Jeff Tarrant shows that the 22-minute session of SOMA Breath's Daily Dose produced brainwave activity in the Default Mode Network (DMN) comparable to psychedelics.

With a significant dominance of gamma frequencies in the DMN and other brain regions. Gamma brainwaves are associated with highly inspired thinking and peak flow states of consciousness. These are usually found in experienced meditators like Tibetan monks.

Using the standard altered states questionnaire normally used in studies involving psychedelics, subjects reported feelings of connection, oneness and reduced depression similar in scale to traditional psychedelics like psilocybin.

Earn A Living While Sitting On A
Beach Sipping Coconuts!

With the incredible technology that we have accessible today, why wouldn’t you take advantage of the fact that you can do a breathwork meditation class on a beach, or anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection.

Using Zoom webinar technology you can guide group sessions for hundreds of people  at a time breathing together or offer in depth one on one sessions to your clients who will be transformed by your magic. Inside the instructor community we teach you how to fill these online meditations and create a location independent lifestyle!

Lifelong Practice = Life Long Support From SOMA

Practice makes perfect. After completing your training, to really embody what you have learned, you have to get out there and practice. The more sessions you do, the better you will become as a facilitator. You could have all the theory in the world, but without actually embodying what you do, it is very hard to become a master of it. This is why we get you to start giving classes within the first 21 days.

Niraj is considered one of the top facilitors of spiritual practices in the world. However he started with just 4 people on beach, and now he does shows of 500+ around the world! So he loves to push instructors to do their first class as fast as possible, as you never know where that may lead to!

We believe the faster you take action and break through any fears will help you become a better facilitator faster.

As our main mission is to make our instructors as successful as possible and that's why we also created BIG, our SOMA instructor network that allows us to give you ongoing assistance, training, marketing/business support, fresh music so you classes never get boring, your own profile on our popular website and much more!

Hear What Some Of
Our Instructors Have To Say

With the incredible technology that we have accessible today, why wouldn’t you take advantage of the fact that you can do a breathwork meditation class on a beach, or anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection.

Using Zoom webinar technology you can have up to 100 people at a time breathing together and being transformed by your magic. Inside the instructor community we teach you how to fill these online meditations and create a location independent lifestyle!


Imagine Being Able To Create Results
Like These With Your Clients


"I have found SOMA blows my anxiety out of the water. I have tried absolutely everything to get my anxiety under control and this method seems to work the best"

Debbie Barry


“I got my heart rate down from over 190 after a 5K run to under 80 in less than 5 mins and im 70 yrs old!”

Bill Wright


"Having suffered from muscular dystrophy for 20 years I have finally found relief from the pain with just a few sessions of SOMA. Even the doctors are shocked that my muscle mass has increased for the first time in years!!!"

Ruben Torrens


I have been doing SOMA for just 3 days and can already notice a clearer mind, more inner happiness, focus, greater productivity at work - even ppl around me can see changes! I've meditated before but SOMA is mind blowing

Anja Onwave


I feel excited and energied, getting so many tasks completed, tasks I'd been procrastinating over for months melted into sighs of satisfaction and gratitude for almost everything large and small

Danielle Yealands


It's been almost 3 months that I've been doing the SOMA Breath meditation almost 2-3 times a week and it has literally shifted my whole perspective of overcoming inner challenges and the overall outlook!!


SOMA Breath Master Course Pricing Options

Start your journey to becoming certified in SOMA Breath today with flexible payment options for as little as $299 per month.

  • Access To SOMA Breath Level 1&2 Instructor Training, Neurosomatic Therapy Certification PLUS 21 Day Facilitator Training
  • 6 X 1 Hour One-To-One Calls With A Master Trainer Of Your Choice
  • A Detailed Guide & Workbook To Get Through The Training With Ease
  • Bi-Weekly Group Calls To Practice Teaching SOMA
  • Weekly Virtual Classroom with Niraj or a Master Trainer
  • Access To BIG Free For 1 Year
  • Extensive Online Training Material Teaching You Science Of Breathwork, Brain Stimulation Through Music & Much More
  • Licence To Guide SOMA EM Classes, Extended Journeys, Neurosomatic Breath Therapy & 21 Day Awakening Protocol (upon graduation of the course)
  • Special Discounts At Our Live Events & Retreats

SOMA Breath offers flexibility and choice. You can choose the best option for you and monthly payment options are available to make this career training accessible to all.

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