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SOMA Breath Instructor Training Retreat In Ibiza

April 22 to April 30, 2023 (option to stay until May 2 for the SOMA open event in Las Dalias)

Join Us For An Unforgettable 8 Days Retreat With A High Vibe Tribe. A Fast Track to Get Certified As A SOMA Breath® Instructor. Go through the Awakening Process Yourself On A Life-Changing Experience, Become A Breathwork Expert & Leave The Training Ready To Guide Sessions.

Get All The Tools You Need To Guide
SOMA Breath® Sessions



Learn the science of breath, music and meditation as a therapeutic tool to awaken your clients full human potential


The Process

Learn the step by step process of SOMA Breath Energized Meditation and how to use this to build a professional career with SOMA Breath Therapy



Join our fast growing community of breathworkers around the world. Interact with other instructors and find potential clients in your area.



Receive your license to guide your clients through SOMA Breath workshops and enroll into our abundance program.

Are You Ready To Join The Retreat and Become A SOMA Breath Instructor?

What is Included In This Exclusive In-Person Training

Daily SOMA Breathwork Rituals

Learn to control your physiology through the power of your breath for peak performance, strength and happiness while also learning everything you need to facilitate your own SOMA Sessions.

Deep Meditations

Discover your true self, experience inner bliss and learn to control your emotions in beautiful nature, during sound meditations and even inside of a sauna.

Hands On Training

Fine-tune your facilitation skills in a live setting in front of Niraj and other Master Trainers, getting instant feedback and to develop confidence in your craft.

Sauna Detox Protocols

You will never use a spa the same way again after your learn how to take the power of meditation, breathwork and visualization to the next level.

High Impact Fitness Workouts and Yoga

You will learn & practice highly effective and efficient workouts including the science of why these workouts are so effective.

Online Course

You will learn and experience a lot during the training but you will still be required to successfully complete all of the online tests on science and theory to be fully certified.

Intention and Goal Setting Workshops

Learn magical rituals for setting intentions and creating your perfect reality that originate from ancient mystery schools and secret societies.

Delicious & Healthy Food

You will be served 2 main meals per day cooked on site by an amazing chef (vegan options available by request) and other healthy snacks and drinks.


The rustic-style villa has 7 rooms & 4 bathrooms in the house, and you will be sharing 1 bathroom between 2 rooms. Onsite we have several areas for private meditation, swimming pool, sauna, indoor event space, bbq area and dining areas.

About Ibiza

A big part of achieving what you want in life is to release tension in your body. This means releasing old limiting belief patterns that are holding you back, releasing emotional blockages and even releasing attachment to your vision so that you can focus on the steps ahead. We feel that Ibiza is a perfect place to achieve just this.

Mostly known for its world class party scene, Ibiza actually has another side to it which is not very well known to the mainstream but has been around much longer than the big nightclubs. Spiritual seekers from all over the world have been flocking to Ibiza for many years for ultimate peace, tranquility and connection. There are even legends of Ibiza being the 3rd most magnetic spot on the planet and having very strong healing powers. All of this combined with its stunning natural scenery and a large spiritual community, this is the perfect place for life transformations to take place.

Eat deliciously healthy food, Breathe in the fresh island air, connect with amazing people and get in touch with your higher self in this truly unique setting.

Event Highlights

Supportive, safe and high vibe community and environment that will help you finding your path and unique way to guide sessions from your heart and offer this to the world

Get feedback directly from Master Trainers

Fast Track to Get Certified As An Advanced SOMA Breath® Instructor

Get the support of like-minded people that will become your Tribe

Practice and more practice to make sure you will be ready to start giving 1 hour sessions before you leave the training

Daily SOMA Rituals, Breathwork Sessions, Deep Meditations, Sauna & Detox protocols, Yoga,...

Fun activities, music and dancing are always happening and flowing during our retreats

Breathtaking Location

We have rented a private 7 bedroom villa near Ibiza Town for this retreat.

The villa is situated in a beautiful area surrounded by lush green mountains and just a short drive from the sea. On site we have several areas for private meditation, a large property for walking meditation, a swimming pool, sauna, large living room, bbq area and dining areas. This will be a truly intimate experience.

Lifelong Practice = Life Long Support From SOMA Breath

Practice makes perfect. After completing your training, to really embody what you have learned, you have to get out there and practice. The more sessions you do, the better you will become as a facilitator. You could have all the theory in the world, but without actually embodying what you do, it is very hard to become a master of it. This is why we get you to start giving classes within the first 21 days.

Niraj is considered one of the top facilitors of spiritual practices in the world. However he started with just 4 people on beach, and now he does shows of 400+ around the world! So he loves to push instructors to do their first class as fast as possible, as you never know where that may lead to!

We believe the faster you take action and break through any fears will help you become a better facilitator faster.

As our main mission is to make our instructors as successful as possible and that's why we also created BIG, our SOMA instructor network that allows us to give you ongoing assistance, training, marketing/business support, fresh music so you classes never get boring, your own profile on our popular website and much more!

Hear What Some Of Our Instructors Have To Say
About Our Instructor Retreats


Imagine Being Able To Create Results
Like These With Your Clients


"I have found SOMA Breath blows my anxiety out of the water. I have tried absolutely everything to get my anxiety under control and this method seems to work the best"

Debbie Barry


“I got my heart rate down from over 190 after a 5K run to under 80 in less than 5 mins and I am 70 yrs old!”

Bill Wright


"Having suffered from muscular dystrophy for 20 years I have finally found relief from the pain with just a few sessions of SOMA Breath. Even the doctors are shocked that my muscle mass has increased for the first time in years!!!"

Ruben Torrens


I have been doing SOMA Breath for just 3 days and can already notice a clearer mind, more inner happiness, focus, greater productivity at work - even people around me can see changes! I have meditated before but SOMA is mind blowing!

Anja Onwave


I feel excited and energied, getting so many tasks completed, tasks I'd been procrastinating over for months melted into sighs of satisfaction and gratitude for almost everything large and small

Danielle Yealands


It's been almost 3 months that I've been doing the SOMA Breath meditation almost 2-3 times a week and it has literally shifted my whole perspective of overcoming inner challenges and the overall outlook!!


Reserve Your Spot At Our Next
Instructor Retreat

  • In Person Training with Niraj Naik & SOMA Breath® Master Trainers and a group of Like-Minded High Vibe People
  • Fast Track to Get Certified As A SOMA Breath® Instructor (after completing the online course)
  • 8 or 10 Nights Stay In A Villa In The Stunning and Magical Island of Ibiza. You choose if you want to leave on April 30 or stay until 2 May for the SOMA open event in Las Dalias (at no extra cost)
  • All-Inclusive Retreat from April 22-30 With Healthy And Nutritious Foods (2 main meals per day cooked on site by an amazing chef, Snacks, Drinks, and Superfoods Being Provided).
  • Daily SOMA Breath Rituals, Science, Breathwork, Deep Meditations, Visualizations, Music, Yoga, Workouts, Workshops and much more
  • Sauna and Detox Protocols
  • Practice & more practice (after this training you will be able to guide 1-hour sessions)
  • Group outing to do the SOMA Breath Manifesting meditation with the view of the magical and magnetic Island of Es Vedra
  • Unforgettable life-changing experience and community
  • We are organizing a SOMA open event in Las Dalias on May 2 and you can join us at no extra cost if you wish

Shared Room

2 Spots Left On A Early Bird Price

$3499 $2499

Share a room For 8 Nights With Other Guest In A 7 Room House In Ibiza

* To attend the retreat it's mandatory to be enrolled in our Advanced Online Course. If you aren´t enrolled yet you will receive an email from us.

Private Room

1 Room Left On A Early Bird Price

$5999 $3799

Private Double Room 8 Nights For 1 or For 2 People If You Share It With A Friend

* To attend the retreat it's mandatory to be enrolled in our Advanced Online Course. If you aren´t enrolled yet you will receive an email from us.


* To attend this in-person retreat its required to be enrolled in the SOMA Breath Online Course. If you are not currently enrolled in the online training, you can save your spot at this retreat now and enroll later in the Online Training with various payment options. (The SOMA Breath Advanced Instructor Training Online Course is $1999 with the $1000 discount you will get for attending to the in-person training).

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SOMA Breath® is an approach to breathwork and breath therapy that includes certain techniques that can be used to resolve significant past events believed to be interfering with a person’s present mental and emotional wellness. Only people with sound mental health who are confident that a review of past events will not adversely impact their emotional or mental health should participate. We request that you do not participate in breath therapy of any kind if you or your treating practitioners have any past or existing concerns about your mental health.

SOMA Breath® is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice and should not be relied on as health or personal advice. Always seek the guidance of your doctor or other qualified health professional with any questions you may have regarding your health or a medical condition.