SOMA Breath Coach

Become a trusted guide for your clients journey through life. Learn how to use breathwork, hypnosis and meditation to uncover your clients limiting beliefs and replace them with empowered thought patterns. (you must be an Awakening Instructor to take this course)

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Prerequisite for this course is that you must have gone through the Awakening Instructor training.

Get All The Tools You Need To Start Instructing ‘The Awakening’


Learn to customize The Awakening and additional guided meditations with your own script for different intentions. Learn 5 more therapeutic breathwork techniques and protocols that awaken the ‘inner pharmacy’.Teach, facilitate, or combine these together to create your own unique classes and workshops, either through zoom or classes.

The Process

Learn how to facilitate and lead different guided breathwork meditations. Learn 5 core therapeutic breathwork techniques. Correct your clients breathing so they can feel relaxed and in the flow. Goal is to achieve a resting breath rate of 3-4 breaths per minute for your clients.

Combine the Awakening process with creative visualization and hypnotic suggestion techniques to remove negative imprints and recondition more empowered habits in your clients. This will give you an even more powerful therapeutic tool that you can lead in groups or one on one.


Join our fast growing community of breathworkers around the world. Interact with other instructors and find potential clients in your area.


Receive your license to be a Soma Breath Coach and lead advanced level breathwork meditation and ‘The Awakening’ classes.

Earn A Living While Sitting On A Beach Sipping Coconuts!

With the incredible technology that we have accessible today, why wouldn’t you take advantage of the fact that you can do a breathwork meditation class on a beach, or anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection.

Using Zoom webinar technology you can have up to 100 people at a time breathing together and being transformed by your magic. Inside the instructor community we teach you how to fill these online meditations and create a location independent lifestyle!

Feedback From SOMA Awakening Participants

"I had a sense of connection with spirit and feel it can be even deeper with more practice"

"I feel clear about my life & purpose"

"it was mystical, magical... bigger than myself"

"its a level I never reached before"

"it really can take you to altered states of consciousness.. I would do it all day"

"I was filled with an overwhelming sense of peace, connection & spirit..."