L.O.V.E. Music 

 Volume 2

Sample - Create

Trypnaural Ultra music and Hypno-Fractal video technology designed to raise your vibrational energy, boost alpha, theta and gamma waves to enhance the power of creative imagination and intentional meditation.

What Do You Get With LOVE Vol2

Featuring 11 Trypnaural Ultra tracks created by amAya:

     1) Create
     2) Its Coming
     3) Inner Worlds
     4) Let It Go
     5) Tuvanian
     6) Astrak
     7) The Awakened Mind
     8) The Resonance
     9) Marina
   10) A Gold Sky At Night
   11) Streams Of Consciousness
+ 3 Powerful Hypno-Fractal Videos With Sacred Mandalas - Use this for focusing your intention during meditation. The hypno-fractal videos are very soothing and also help boost alpha brainwaves for a variety of stress relieving and brain stimulating benefits.

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