L.O.V.E. Music 

 Volume 5

Sample - Serotonin Sunrise

Trypnaural Ultra music and Hypno-Fractal video technology designed to raise your vibrational energy, boost alpha, theta and gamma waves to enhance the power of creative imagination and intentional meditation.


What Do You Get With LOVE Vol5

11 Trypnaural Ultra Tracks
   1) Mind Ascension
   2) The Ritual
   3) Love Without Condition
   4) Serotonin Sunrise
   5) Extra Sensory Perception
   6) Inner Dawn
   7) Sovereignity
   8) Inner Dawn (Remix)
   9) Sovereignity (Remix)
 10) Synchronicity (meditation)
  11) Brainwave Entrainment Track
+ 1 Trypnaural Ultra Extended Mix (1 hour long) - The Awakening Experience
2 Powerful Hypnofractal Video Journey's
+ 2 Highest Quality MP3 Audio Versions
    1) The Awakening Experience
    2) Serotonin Sunrise

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