L.O.V.E. Music 

 Volume 6

Sample - 1111

Trypnaural Ultra music and Hypno-Fractal video technology designed to raise your vibrational energy, boost alpha, theta and gamma waves to enhance the power of creative imagination and intentional meditation.

Including a bonus Power Breathingtutorial used by super human yogis for supercharging your system for more energy, health, vitality and creating an inner magnetic power of attraction.

Combine this with the bonus SMART Manifesting System and you have a power ritual for creating your own perfect reality.

What Do You Get With LOVE Vol6

1. L.O.V.E Music V6 - 11 Trypnaural Ultra tracks for raising vibrational energy and a background to any meditation or yoga practice.

2. 1 Powerful Hypno-Fractal Video With Sacred Mandalas - Use this for focusing your intention during meditation. The hypno-fractal videos are very soothing and also help boost alpha brainwaves for a variety of stress relieving and brain stimulating benefits.

3. Power Breathing – A secret super human yogi breathing technique to raise your vibrational energy and create inner magnetism.

4. SMART Manifesting – A complete system based on scientific principles to help you attract and create your own perfect reality.

5. Dimensional Meditation - Generate high vibrational energy that will link positive emotions and good feelings to your goals and visions.

Perform this ritual using a combination of the breathwork techniques you have learned in the previous steps including the Trypnaural audio technology that will help you elevate your state.


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