How To Become A Renegade

How To Become A Renegade

Discovery Days

This is for all those doing a boring job or business who desperately want to make it more fun and interesting (and profitable)

When I was a very young child, when asked to write a short story in class, other kids would write a page or two, I would fill an entire book.

When everyone elses was playing Rugby at school, I would make an excuse and bunk off to the music department and compose a dance track.

A composition from a below average piano player (yours truly) that often impressed the music teacher more than the efforts of the classically trained kids (limit time spent on formal musical training as it may turn you into a rigid composer)

Even with a passion for writing stories and creating music since a young age, I still ended up as a pharmacist (social conditioning is very hard to escape)

How many of your ambitions and talents did you forget about in favour of studying for a 'secure' degree and career path?

Here is a life lesson.

Remembering things you got obsessed with as a kid is a good indication of what you could become a master of as an adult if you were to focus on them again.

Then applying those skills into your current career, could turn a boring job into an incredible new life path.

I turned back to my passion for writing books and composing music and combined it with my incredibly mundane career as a pharmacist to be reborn as 'The Renegade Pharmacist'

How to do it

Just observe all the problems and complaints you make every day about your current career.

In pharmacy a major problem is that as a 'health care' professional you are often doing more harm than good. You are more of a health scare professional disempowering people by making them believe the only way they can fix their issue is by taking more drugs. I used to complain about it all day long and pissed off everyone else around me.

This is a good place to start. Write a list of all the things you complain about in your job, make a note of the ones that really piss people off when you go on and on about them (especially your boss)

The fact you go on and on about something also means it is very important to you, and most likely others feel the same way too!

Next step is to see if you can morph your career into something more beneficial to mankind.

Here is my example:

I started to empower people to become more self sufficient and healthy by writing on my blog, The Renegade Pharmacist.

I wrote my first ebooks and courses that shared my exact system for how I managed to get back to full health after suffering from autoimmune disease.

Then how I created an automated business around my passion that got me out of the cubicle and into location independence.

I discovered music makes techniques like pranayama/breath based meditation easier and more fun to do.

With the right technique and approach it works as good as or better than most drugs for stress related issues which is the cause of most chronic diseases .

This inspired the creation of SOMA Breath and I began to train instructors in the same method. We now have over 400+ around the world doing incredible transformative work!
You can experience the magic of SOMA Breath for yourself, from the comfort of your own home.

If you are already ready to embark on your journey to optimize your life,​ then this amazing, easy to follow system, will help you take that first and most difficult step.

Click here to learn more about SOMA Breath and how it can supercharge your whole life in only 21 Days

Perhaps writing or making music may not be your thing, there are still many other skills you can master.

I remember several years ago I taught a street artist how to teach others what she does online through video - she also has an automated business that supports her art and lifestyle for years.

Another example is, say you work in banking and you feel deep down inside your job sucks as you are getting people into debt who can never repay the loans (financial stress is one of the biggest killers)

Perhaps you used to love playing football as a kid but something happened and you ended up as a banker.

What if, you 'invested' into up and coming talent instead?

How about becoming a 'Renegade Banker' and fund rising talent rather than people to buy stuff they don't really need?

Still don't think it's possible to turn a boring career into an exciting one?

My brother is a lawyer, which can easily become an extremely boring profession.

However he had a deep interest in the work of renegade lawyers like Gandhi since a very young age, fighting for our rights and freedoms. Instead of going in the direction and temptation of money, he stuck to his principles and now he is the human rights lawyer featured in the recent and popular movie, The Great Hack.

He is doing a lot better and is far happier than the unfortunate lawyers who went after the money.

Most professions over the course of time become corrupted in some way. By becoming a renegade you can invent a new profession and save your soul in the process.

Or it could be the fact you have an obsession for tea and love your ‘tea breaks’ while ya working in a busy corporate office. Perhaps you can formulate and sell an even better tea?

Or find a thing or experience that makes people’s tea breaks even more rejuvenating, then sell that!

Now that’s thinking Renegade! 😉

Become a Renegade, the world really needs more of them! x

Much love
Niraj x

P.S Several years ago I was a mentor in a large entrepreneurial community in the UK. I helped hundreds of people in that time with finding a way to turn their passion into a business.

I feel the world needs more renegades! So I feel the call to open the doors to private mentoring again.

If you are stuck in a boring profession or business and want more excitement in your life, then I can help you.

P.P.S Private message me if you are interesting in this. Note that this training is very intensive, and you will do things that you may have never thought was possible before.

It is not for everyone. Definitely not the faint hearted...

I only have space for 3 people this year, as my time is obviously very limited and I want to give you my full attention.

Simply send a message to [email protected] telling us about your current situation, why and how you think I can help you.

My team will scroll through the candidates and I will personally choose the 3 people I will work with on 2020.

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