Incredible Rapid Healing With SOMA Breathwork

Incredible Rapid Healing With SOMA Breathwork

“Just because you get a diagnosis, it doesn’t mean it’s the end.”
- Jessica, Coach and SOMA Breath Master Instructor

Suffering from lower back pain for years, Jessica was pushed to the point where she needed a very delicate spinal surgery.

After the surgery, her recovery was so quick that her doctors were surprised.

With a very simple SOMA Breathwork Guided Meditation (find the meditation below), she was able to release the intense pain and accelerate her healing.

Let her tell you the story to inspire you (or whoever needs it!) to use this simple breathwork meditation as a compliment to medical treatment and/or recovery.

SOMA Breathwork Guided Meditation For Healing

Here's the meditation that Jessica refers to in her story. It's a simple breathing technique designed to help the body relax to the point where it has the opportunity to heal faster.

DISCLAIMER** This meditation is meant to be used as a COMPLIMENT to treatments and NOT as a replacement. Always check with your doctor first.

Additional Resources

The method that Jessica used to help her body become stronger faster is the 21-Day Awakening Breath Journey

It will teach you how to breathe properly, avoid long term health issues and take control of your physical and mental health.

Join The 21-Day Awakening Journey Here

If you feel that you need some guidance and would like to have an expert to discuss your current situation, we recommend you find an instructor to give you the exact tools that can help you accelerate healing and potentially move to the next step in your life.

Find a SOMA Breath Master Instructor Here

And if you're passionate to help others and want to build a fulfilling career, learn everything you need to know about the SOMA Breath Instructor Training here

Much love!

The SOMA Breath Team 

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