Increase Longevity And Quality Of Life With Strength Promoting Exercises (SPE) – From Home & Without Equipement

Increase Longevity And Quality Of Life With Strength Promoting Exercises (SPE) – From Home & Without Equipement

In this Article You Will Find:

👉 Science behind Strength Promoting Exercises, also knowns as Isometric Exercises, to help you live longer and healthier
👉 Strength Promoting Exercises you can try right now
👉 Programs to go further and really get into it
👉 A way to turn this information into revenue as a Coach


A study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology shows once again that Science is finally catching up with the wisdom of the ancients.

Does Strength-Promoting Exercise Confer Unique Health Benefits? 

Here's some interesting quotes from the publication:

  • In the last decade, strength-promoting exercise (SPE) has become an integral component of physical activity guidelines around the world.
  • SPE has been shown to be associated with reduced risk of fatal and nonfatal myocardial infarction among adult men and reduced risk of all-cause mortality in cancer survivors and recent studies have also shown reductions in all-cause mortality among adults who meet the guidelines of 2 sessions per week.
  • Current SPE guidelines are primarily intended to increase strength and function, and there are few data on associations with chronic disease and mortality.
  • Participation in strengthening exercise has been associated with reduced risk of type 2 diabetes in men (ages 40-75 years), women (ages 36-81 years), and working-age populations (ages 30-64 years).
  • Participation in any form of 'Strength Promoting Exercise' SPE was linked with a 23% reduction in all-cause mortality and a 31% reduction in cancer mortality.
  • Previously, among 8,772 adults, participation in 8-14 SPE sessions per month was associated with a reduction in all-cause mortality, with no benefit observed at higher frequencies.


Streigth Promoting Exercises You Can Try Right Now: FIT

Do each of these exercises once a day

Exercise 1: Prayer Push

Exercise 2: Grip Pull


Exercise 3: Fist Push


Exercise 4: Elbow Pull


Exercise 5: Chair Lift


Exercise 6: Abs

F.I.T stands for Functional Isometric Training.

This is a series of static anaerobic workouts designed to make you stronger and fitter in the shortest and most effective time possible, without the risk of injury.

Static workouts means there is little or no movement.

Your muscles are held in maximum contraction throughout the exercise for a relatively short amount of time.

When you contract a muscle, it shuts of the blood supply to it. This means the muscle is forced to only use its stored nutrients.

This creates positive stress on the muscle and it adapts by creating more efficient energy reserves and stronger muscle tissues so that the muscle is better prepared for the stress next time.

The positive stress creates a low oxygen state called hypoxia that initiates stem cells, stimulates the growth of red blood cells and new blood vessels improving blood flow to your muscles and overall muscle strength.

This is different from movement exercises that are aerobic where you get continuous blood flow to the muscle.

This way of working out is like riding a bike with stabilizers.

Constant blood supply acts like stabilizers. However, if you want to get really good at riding a bike, you need to take off the stabilizers, which means you should cut off the blood supply by holding the contraction throughout the exercise.

Functional Isometric Training also applies force to joints, tendons, cartilage and bones.

This leads to these areas also becoming stronger and more flexible.

F.I.T. Static Workouts

A system of static workouts designed to dramatically increase overall strength in the most efficient way possible.

In these static strength-building workouts you would apply maximum effort for around 10-12 seconds against an immovable object such as a wall or door frame.

You can also do this by pushing against your own body. E.g push both your hands together while in a prayer pose.

A whole routine only takes a couple of minutes a day to do. You do not need to do any more than this to achieve incredible results.

When you do this you'll experience a surge in adrenaline that gives you a wave of good feelings through the induction of positive stress response on your body.

Your heart rate will rise a bit, but you won't feel tired, exhausted, or worn out by the exercise.

Instead you'll feel supercharged and energized.

Bob Hoffman, a pioneer of the health and fitness industry in the 1950s, claimed that through a static workout routine that take just a couple of minutes a day, you can create 5% increase in strength each week.

This means in 20 weeks you would have doubled your strength.

Bruce Lee also extensively used Functional Isometric Training to get super strong and healthy.

Learn Simple Streigth Promoting Exercises From Home Without Equipement

SOMA Breath Membership was created to help you increase your longevity and quality of life.

Inside of the membership we have a program called BreathFit, which contains a series of Strength Promoting Exercises which can be done from home with your own body weight, so you don't need to worry about getting any equipment and they can take about 10 to 15 mins per session.

Also, the physical exercises are only a fraction of the training since it also goes deep into advanced breathing techniques and you actually learn some of the science and physiology going on in your body as you do these practices.

Look at some of the comments from participants:

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Earn An Income With This Knowledge As A Coach

If you're in the Coaching business or want to be, breathwork has become a modality you MUST add to your discipline.

Hypnotherapists, psychologists, nurses, doctors and all kinds of professionals are joining the SOMA Breath family to ad these powerful tools to their work.

Strength Promoting Exercises are one of the many ways you can help people with and we show you complete, step by step, protocols to create long lasting transformations for yourself and your clients.

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