How To Make Your Dreams A Reality With Neurosomatic Programming – SOMA Breath

How To Make Your Dreams A Reality With Neurosomatic Programming – SOMA Breath

Back in 2017, in the tropical beaches of Thailand, a few friends would gather together and do Breathwork.

The person leading the Breathwork, a British guy with Indian parents (yours truly) had been refining and teaching Breathwork techniques for a few years.

I had overcome a severe case of Ulcerative Colitis, completely naturally, with Breathing techniques and simple tweaks to my diet.

The condition nearly killed me and doctors had already given up on me, so my recovery was very remarkable.

By the time I made it to Thailand, I had already helped hundreds overcome all sorts of issues and was polishing the system.

My friends listened and followed along.

One of those friends was Gary.

He didn’t tell me this at the time, but he saw the potential in my work so he quietly decided to join my business venture.

When the season ended, everyone went back to their countries.

But Gary didn’t forget about his decision.

For a whole year…

He visualized himself daily, while doing the Breathwork, brainstorming with me, running a successful business venture!

I still had no idea about this!

We both came back to Thailand a year later.

Gary told me about his ideas and confessed how he was ready to put all of his mental energy into working with me and helping me build something.

I was surprised by his enthusiasm.

Something about his energy was very warm and confident.

I almost felt like it would have been a mistake NOT to give him a chance.

And you know what happened?

He helped me scale my little Breathwork routine into a worldwide movement.

We have reached hundreds of thousands worldwide and got the attention of organizations such as Cambridge University, Gaia TV and TEDx.

In other words, his dream of building and running a successful business became real!


Just like Gary, we have seen countless stories of people achieving their dreams, fast, with our methods.

Here’s the simplified formula:

1. Figure out what you really, truly want

  1. Practice SOMA Breath daily, focusing deeply in your vision as if it’s already happening
  2. Take constant, daily action towards your goalsHIS VISION ALSO BECAME 100% REAL

    In Thailand, we met another character, Orlando.He was a traveling street musician, tired of hustling and wanted to work online.

    When he found out Gary and I were building an online business he offered to help.

    We didn’t think he had marketing experience so we didn’t pay much attention.

    But he was relentless and figured out what we were doing.

    He learned our Breathwork techniques and attended our first Instructor Training.

    During a manifestation exercise, participants were asked to write down their dream.

Orlando wrote the words “financial freedom”.

But during the Breathwork, in the deepest part of the meditation, he didn’t see anything related to money.

He saw his own feet on the bed, accompanied by another set of feet with red nail polish.

In front of them a giant window, from high up in a mountain, overlooking the ocean with the sun setting in the horizon.

He saw himself getting out of bed, checking out his laptop to make sure everything is ok and then enjoying the view.

That image came from deep within and it felt amazing.

So without questioning it, Orlando became obsessed with that idea.

And he pulled it off!

About two years later…

He woke up one morning, in the little house where he had been living for some weeks.

And he couldn’t believe it.

He was looking at the same picture he visualized once, but this time it was real!

His house was up in a mountain and from his bed, he could see his feet, with his girlfriend’s feet, overlooking a giant window with the ocean on the horizon.

He would then get up, check his computer, make sure everything is ok and enjoy paradise with his lovely partner!

The vision from his subconscious mind had become his everyday reality.

He was literally living his dream!



Sometimes we think we want something, but deep down, we crave something else…

In Orlando’s case, the words “financial freedom” didn’t mean he wanted to be filthy rich (not yet anyways).

What he truly wanted was the FEELING of freedom, bliss and contentment.

It’s important to connect with YOUR truth, because that’s where the true alignment comes from.

(This may be the reason that your manifestation isn’t working!)



Would you say that Gary’s and Orlando’s stories are coincidences…?

Or could it be their vision became so imprinted in their subconscious minds, intensified daily with Breathwork and clear focus…

That all their decisions, conscious and unconscious, brought them to the inevitably destiny of fulfilling their deepest, true dreams…?

Discover Neurosomatic Programming

What Gary and Orlando did can be explained, understood and replicated with Neurosomatic Programming.

That’s what we have taught thousands with the 21-Day Awakening Breath Journey >>

Your mind is like a software running on the hardware of your body.

This mental software was initially installed during your first 7 years, like the foundational code of a your operating system.

Then, through life, your mental software was constantly bombarded by external influences—education, media, social interactions, and even the food you consume.

These influences have the power to corrupt your software, rendering it incompatible with your deepest, true aspirations.

So you start doubting yourself.

You may even change your goals and dreams because of this outsider software.



Ok ok!

Neurosomatic Programming with SOMA Breath + Music Technology is like as a profound upgrade.

Before you can install a fresh, empowering mental software, you need to optimize the hardware - Your body and neurology.

You need to “clean” your muscle memory from past trauma and liberate your mind from limitations.

It's like preparing a canvas before creating a masterpiece.

SOMA Breath is a complete holistic system which includes movement, shaking, dancing, nutrition, Breathwork, meditation, NLP, Self-Hypnosis and a whole range of scientific backed practices to unlock natural feelings of Neurosomatic Bliss.

By the way, NEURO = Nervous system (including the brain) and SOMATIC = The body.

Neurosomatic Bliss = Feeling amazing in body and mind!

This transcendental experience competes with the the peaks achieved through tantric yoga or substances like cannabis, psilocybin, or MDMA.

Except that SOMA Breath takes you there naturally, on command!

Check out this comment from one of our participants:


This state of natural full-body bliss, not only is addictive and one of the most beautiful experiences of your life…

But it also just so happens to put your brain and neurology in the perfect state to be receptive to new ideas!

To new programs!

Hence why we call it Neurosomatic Programming.

SOMA Breath is basically a complete system reboot, wiping away old, limiting beliefs and patterns while paving the way for new, empowering ones.

For example, Gary was a physicist, trained to be an employee and climb the corporate ladder.

For him to actually build and run his own business, he had to complete rewire his brain and body.

And it worked!

His brain and body truly “believed” they belonged to a successful CEO.

So all of his instincts, thought processes and decisions were in line with that.

Specially during the hard times!

It’s this alignment of body and ming what will keep you pushing through insecurity and adversity!

And Orlando, through his own journey, had to make some harsh defining decisions, to end up living his dream.

If he had listened to his “outside programming” he wouldn’t have risked everything and move to an island on a hunch.

But if he had done anything else, it wouldn’t have felt congruent to his body and mind.

His whole being was of someone who lived from his computer free of any restrains.

So all of his instincts, thought processes and decisions were in line with that.

And he nailed it!

He’s been by our side, kicking ass, helping us scale SOMA Breath and scratching dream, after dream on his “must do before I die” list.


I know you do!

That’s why you gotta join the 21-Day Awakening Breath Journey ASAP!

SOMA Breath is not just about visualization or positive thinking.

It's a holistic approach that harnesses your body's wisdom and your mind's potential to manifest your desires with unparalleled effectiveness and depth.

As you master these techniques, you unleash the huge potential to reshape your belief systems and manifest a reality that aligns perfectly with your loftiest dreams.

This transformative tool not only helps you achieve specific goals but also nurtures your personal growth and overall well-being.

It's the masterpiece waiting to be created by you.

And offer a 30-day Full Investment Back, no questions asked guarantee so have absolutely nothing to lose!


Because the Breathwork includes your body and makes it feel amazing…

Our participants report feelings of deep satisfaction, better sleep, increased energy and renewed motivation.

Many often talk about improved focus, concentration and higher creativity.

So many have said their relationships are much better and many have told us about their dreams coming true!

Check out this comment from one of our students:


Try the FREE 20 mins SOMA Breath meditation below.

If you like it…

The 21-Day Awakening Journey will BLOW, YOUR, MIND.

(That or we give you your money back)


Just because I can…

I will leave you with more messages from our students telling us how SOMA Breath is awesome.

It will help you make a decision today and jump in the manifestation train ASAP.

Much love and positive energy



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