Ecstatic Dance: Substance Free Partying!

Ecstatic Dance: Substance Free Partying!

Ecstatic Dance is an opportunity for like-minded people to dance like nobody's watching! There are no moves to follow, and it is entirely improvised! That means you literally can’t do any “wrong” or “bad” moves! Ecstatic Dance simply provides a chance to fully express yourself and quiet the mind while celebrating the transforming effects of spontaneous movement.

The fact that these are drug and alcohol free events might turn a lot of people off: how can you dance and party without alcohol or other drugs?

Releasing your inhibitions on the dancefloor without any alcohol or drugs can be challenging for people at first. However, almost everyone says that once they get that rush of endorphins, they realise they never needed alcohol or drugs in the first place! People dance depending on their mood and intuition.

The ambiance of these parties are always based around love, respect, and community. You are reassured that all attendees are friendly and respectful. Many women enjoy ecstatic dance because it offers a space for them to dance without onlookers trying to to “pick up”.

Something magical happens to the energy at ecstatic dance events. Everyone starts moving together, but in their own way. After a peak of high-energy dance, it is common to hear cheering, whooping, and clapping.

Ecstatic dance is a profoundly healing experience for many of the dancers who attend. And it’s a meditation where the mind is truly given a break.

Of course, the music is always incredible too. Most ecstatic dance DJs are world-travellers who love to immerse themselves in different cultures and experiences, and they find great inspiration for their music this way. Their music is chosen with the full intent of making people happy and to give them a chance to move freely, joyfully, and to either interact with others or have the space to close their eyes and enjoy themselves.

Breathe In Beats

Breathe In Beats is a music collective I founded in Koh Phangan, Thailand. We are renowned for their legendary conscious music festivals! We always aim to take you on a dance music journey that combines live and electronic music with powerful breathing techniques to help everyone reach ecstatic states - no drugs necessary! We feature music of different genres weaved into one magical moment for you to enjoy more bliss, connection, and the peak human experience.

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