New study shows SOMA Breath techniques could be as effective as psychedelics in treating anxiety and depression

New study shows SOMA Breath techniques could be as effective as psychedelics in treating anxiety and depression

I was at a recent summit called Health Optimization Summit where leading neuroscientist, Dr David Rabin discussed the power of psychedelics at treating depression and anxiety.

Here are some notes from his talk:

  • The Mind + Body are intricately and irrevocably interconnected.
  • Psychedelic or altered state experiences are normal states of perception where new meaning making is possible
  • These states are facilitated by safety, presentness and intention.
  • These experiences can be perceived as positive, negative or both and can be accessed with or without medicines.
  • The meaning of these experiences is not only encoded in our neurons, but also on our DNA (epigenetics) and regulates the expression of stress and reward response genes.

Synthetic psychedelic medicines were discovered in search of new therapies for the treatment resistant illnesses from migraines, to hiccups to depression, anxiety, addiction and PTSD

One in particular that is gaining popularity in this field of research due to its remarkable results is psilocybin.

Clinical Psilocybin

After just one therapeutic dose + psychotherapy:

  • Reduced symptoms of depression.
  • Improved coping with end of life diseases.
  • Improved sense of safety.
  • Improved connection to self and others.
  • Rated as one of the most meaningful experiences ever.

The Default Mode Network (DMN) + Ego

The DMN is a brain signature of perception from one point of view - the ego and survival.

The entrainment of the DMN occurs to automate patterns critical for survival.

The DMN keeps us within the realms of what we know - it forms our sense of self - the I rather than We.

Psychedelic medicines, meditative experiences and other alternative state experiences reduce DMN connectivity, attenuate ego, and leave us with infinite possibilities.

In this new study by leading neuroscientist and founder of NeuroMeditation Institute, Dr Jeff Tarrant shows that the 22 minute session of SOMA Breath's Daily Dose produced brainwave activity in the DMN comparable to psychedelics.

With a significant dominance of gamma frequencies in the DMN and other brain regions. Gamma brainwaves are associated with highly inspired thinking and peak flow states of consciousness. These are usually found in experienced meditators like tibetan monks.

Using the standard altered states questionnaire normally used in studies involving psychedelics, subjects reported feelings of connection, oneness and reduced depression similar in scale to traditional psychedelics like psilocybin.

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